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KOLAMAMA ,Dehumidifier 68oz per Day with 3L(6.4 Pints) O Tank for Room Up to 323 Sq.ft(30m²),Mini Dehumidifier for Home Bathroom Kitchen Bedroom Basement,Auto on/Off Quiet Dehumidifier

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KOLAMAMA ,Dehumidifier 68oz per Day with 3L(6.4 Pints) O Tank for Room Up to 323 Sq.ft(30m²),Mini Dehumidifier for Home Bathroom Kitchen Bedroom Basement,Auto on/Off Quiet Dehumidifier by KOLAMAMA

  • LED DISPLAY,EASY OPERATION:With the Visual LED display,you can...
  • AUTO TURN ON/OFF:KOLAMAMA Dehumidifier Equipped with an intelligent...
  • AUTO MEMORY&ANTI OVERFLOW:KOLAMAMA Dehumidifier also Equipped with...

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The KOLAMAMA dehumidifier uses intelligent technology (no compressor) which make it quiet,efficient and energy saving.It is perfect for any small enclosed room.Poor ventilation causes musty odor and fungus in wardrobes,bathroom,etc.The intelligent dehumidifier eliminates this problem by keeping your home free of unwanted moisture.

How Does It Works?

The dehumidifier works by way of thermoelectric cooling,which uses what's known as the Peltier effect to create a heat  flux between the junction of two different types of materials.Using no compressors or moving parts,the device quitely pulls moisture from the air around it,removing muskiness and dampness from the room.

How to improve efficiency of dehumidifier?

1. Close all doors and windows to reduce natural cross-ventilation when you run dehumidifier.

2. Don't block the side air inlet and top air outlet.

3. Run your dehumidifiers when humidity levels are higher than 50%.

4. To reduce noise during use, always keep the dehumidifier on level surface and ensureair filter is not clogged.


Before cleaning the unit,please turn off the Intelligent Dehumidifier and unplug the AC plug from the main socket first. Use a piece of soft cloth to clean the surface of the product or use a brush to wipe the dust off the grills of the air inlet.

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  • SaharaBelle

    What makes dehumidifier excessively turn pink when saved in plastic jugs?

    I have saved dehumidifier not ring true in plastic jugs to re-use in my humidifier. Sometimes the water turns pink or has globs of pink spots attached to the inside of the flexible jug. Is this water safe to re-use in the humidifier?

    WTF. Why do you lack a dehumidifier and a humidifier? The pink is either mold or something else growing in the water, unless you use a pink chemical treatment to prevent mold in the dehumidifier....

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