MisC How Do You Do The Witches Broom With String

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T.S. Shure Cat's Cradle Pursuit Tin


T.S. Shure Cat's Cradle Pursuit Tin by T.S. Shure

  • For ages 6 and up
  • Game tin includes 2 Cat's Cradle strings, illustrated instructions,...
  • Challenge yourself to a fun game of hand eye coordination and...

Product Description
Do you know how to play Cat's Cradle? This fun game tin invites you to learn about fun string games like: Cat's Cradle, Jacob's Ladder and Witch's Broom!.
Cat's Cradle Enlist Kit-


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Cat's Cradle Enlist Kit- by Klutz

  • Painstakingly clear and fully illustrated
  • Attached to the book is a tie-dyed string loop so all you need to...
  • Spiral-bound: 36 pages

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In today's hi-tech world, people have completely forgotten how to make The Cup and Saucer, The Witch's Broom, and Jacob's Ladder. Thank goodness for Cat's Cradle. This book's simple directions and ultra-clear instructional art are foolproof, so kids (and their parents) can reconnect their fingers to this classic activity.

Witches Broom (or parachute), Vestige by Step, with string

Caution by step instructions for how to do Witch's Broom string figure (also called the parachute, eagle's claw, or fishing spear). This string figure how-to vi...

  • lilshort1210

    What order of things can u make out of string? What are the steps?

    I skilled in how to make the Effill Tower and the Witches Broom so can u tell me others?

    tons of things!!! here are some sites with ideas and instructions, and even a inadequate history too. also, if you google 'string games' there are several pdf's you can download. have fun!...

  • Anybody identify any websites to learn string tricks at?

    I don't homelessness a video. I want a website! I know Jacob's ladder, cup and saucer, witches broom, winking eye, cats cradle, star, earthquake company, and owl's eye.

    ooh i have this surely nice book for that. i love string games ;D

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