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Schylling Bantam Helper Broom Set

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Schylling Bantam Helper Broom Set by Schylling

  • Durable and strong with an easy-to-clean handle, easy assembly just...
  • A brightly colored, complete clean up set for your little helper,...
  • Includes broom, dust pan and hand brush; broom is 30 inches long,...

Product Description
Let your little one help with the chores and feel all grown up with the Junior Helper Broom Set from Schylling Toys, the world leader in traditional toys and classic fun. Complete with a 30 inch long broom, dust pan and brush sized just right for kids. The soft, thick bristles can handle any mess. The separate brush fits snuggly into the dust pan for easy storage and the broom and dust pan can be hung up on pegs. Learn great habits as you help around the house.
Click N’ Play Allege Play Kids Broom, Dustpan, and Brush Household Cleaning Toy Play Set

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Click N’ Play Allege Play Kids Broom, Dustpan, and Brush Household Cleaning Toy Play Set by Click N' Play

  • With this cleaning toy set your child can actually have fun helping...
  • Made of high quality kids safe BPA free material, meets all USA...
  • Perfectly designed for realistic functionality, broom and brush...

Product Description
With the Click n' Play Cleaning Play set, your children can sweep, and dust with their very own kids cleaning set, just like mom and dad! Sturdy Construction: This kid cleaning set is constructed of tough and sturdy, heavy-duty, high quality plastic. This means that you need not worry about pieces from your cleaning toys for kids breaking or becoming hazardous to your children. Included are 3 cleaning supplies a broom, dustpan, brush for kids to enjoy. This set will last safely for years of fun and enjoyment. Made of high quality kids safe BPA free material, meets all USA standard requirements. The broom, brush and duster have actual bristles for realistic functionality, meaning while your child plays with these cleaning toys for kids, he or she can actually have fun helping out while you take care of your household duties, great toy for learning at home. The Click n' Play Cleaning Play set is great for any child aged 3 and up, and will provide hours of play housecleaning fun!.

Ness Plays the Broom Game: The Cinema

My ahead production ever. Really. What was just going to be a plain video of myself playing the broom game became this thing. After a hours of shoehorning in...

  • AnnaB

    What are some favourable games dogs play for exercise?

    It is wonderful hot in LA right now, and I would rather skip the twice daily outside walks with my dog. Any suggestions of some inside games we can play to beat the heat? Any one and only toys that exercise my dog? Someone suggested having my dog chase a...

    Get a laser advice. (Cheap at pet stores) Some dogs will chase them until they drop. Best part is, you sit in one spot. Hide toys. "Flog and Seek" is fun for dogs too. It might take a while...

  • Tess

    Can Hotshot give me Games to Play for a Harry Potter Sleepover?

    Im having a sleepover with 4 people (including me) and stress game ideas to play that are based on Harry Potter! Were all 12-13! If someone could give me ideas that would be great!

    Have a Harry Dabble in trivia competition. If you're competing, get someone else (another fan or someone online) to make a 20 question list based on HP, and the in the flesh wit the most correct answers...

West Salem considers stricter enforcement of shoveling ordinance - La Crosse Tribune

West Salem’s openly works director has had about enough of residents not shoveling their sidewalks after a snowfall. But there’s not much he can do about it. At Tuesday’s Village Board meeting, Public Works Headman Scott Halbrucker told the board that after a snowfall early last week, the department waited between 36 and 48 hours before notifying residents who... Village ordinance states residents must shovel within 24 hours of when snow stops falling. However, after for the most part waiting even longer than 24 hours, the village typically gives residents a warning that they have another 24 hours to shovel before the be influenced does it for them – for $75 an hour, with a minimum charge of $75. Last week,... It took all day for four public works employees to result the warnings, Halbrucker said. “We hung notices on the door because I don’t have the manpower or time to shovel 60 sidewalks,” he said. The next day, the village was left-wing with 15 sidewalks to shovel after some residents still didn’t comply. “Some of the people play games,” Halbrucker said. But issuing citations to residents who don’t yield with the ordinance is not something Police Chief Charles Ashbeck will consider. Ashbeck pointed out that, for one, his department doesn’t have the at all times to issue 60 citations. “But it’s not going to happen, we already spoke about this, about the fact people are going to shovel their sidewalks, they’re wealthy to go to court, it’s going to get tossed out and voided anyway,” Ashbeck said. Halbrucker then questioned the purpose of the village’s ordinance. Village stay member John Lautz suggested running the village’s skid steer around to clear the snow from sidewalks to alleviate make the process more efficient and then bypass the need to issue warnings. However, the village does not have the necessary broom attachment for the skid manage to be able to clear snow from sidewalks. Halbrucker said he’d look into the cost of a broom. Source: lacrossetribune.com

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    08/12/13 ,via Bangor Daily News

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    McKenzie's new broom has nonetheless given the Wallabies renewed anticipate of ending New Zealand's dominance and winning back the Bledisloe Cup, the annual symbol of trans-Tasman autarchy, for the first time in a decade. The All Blacks have played down the


  • The Tow-path of Philosophy: Truth, Wonder, and Distress

    Cengage Learning. 2010. ISBN: 0495509329,9780495509325. 464 pages.

    The Avenue of Philosophy introduces you to the study of philosophy through a compelling narrative in which the world's most important philosophers appear as characters. The section traces the history of western philosophy from its beginnings in ancient Greece

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  • PC Game Helped NASCAR Driver Rise above Its Famous Road Course

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    NASCAR, commonly derided as turning progressive for 400 miles, does feature a couple of road courses in its top circuit. Reigning Sprint Cup champion Brad Keselowski has had untypical success at one of them, Watkins Glen International, and he attributes it all to ...

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    The men’s football features Novak Djokovic, Wimbledon winner Andy Murray, Montreal champion Rafael Nadal and fifth-ranked Roger Federer, a five all at once champion in this hardcourt US Open tuneup. In other women’s opening-day play, American Lauren Davis beat ...

  • Bale out of Wales copy

    08/13/13 ,via EatSleepSport

    But the Football Society of Wales confirmed his fitness will not be risked as he recovers from a foot injury. A statement on the official FAW website said: "Gareth was shrewd to join up with the squad and Tottenham were more than happy for him to do so.

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