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Black and Latino

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  • TCM fanatic

    During a alloy ceremony what does it mean to jump over the broom?

    I've seen couples, as usual black couples, before leaving the altar jumping over a broom that's been placed on the floor. What does this mean and how did it originate?

    Its an African American unwritten law thqt came about during slavery. Ministers were not offered to perform a wedding ceremony so "jumping the broom" signified marriage and whoever jumped the highest...

  • Baxter Dewall

    Just because you are in a IR relationship, does that mean you have to adapt to the others culture?

    My helpmeet seems to think so, even after 17 years of being married she is still pissed that I refused to jump over that stupid broom during our wedding. Not even sure why she wanted to do it, she aint African, she is vicious. All I know is this white...

9 Rituals for Interfaith and Intercultural Weddings - Huffington Role

The intermixing ceremony is a ritual unto itself yet many of the interfaith and intercultural couples I work with also opt for smaller, significant rituals within the ceremony. There are numerous beautiful customs from world cultures and faiths. Woven into the wedding ceremony, they offer you the chance to affirm and whoop it up your love as they seal the union between you two and acknowledge the family ties that are established on your wedding day. Before the popularity of personalized wedding ceremonies, couples went along with the union rites, sometimes (often) not really knowing much about what they mean. The modern interfaith couple can actively select the rituals in their weddings, learn more about what they mean, and even carry out sure that the rituals are explained by the officiant as part of the ceremony -- or included on the wedding program. "It's very superior that we embrace rituals because they make our wedding experience so much richer," event planner Collin Cowie once told me. "Automatic brings us together. The whole idea of a wedding ritual is to have a little reflection. Wedding rituals are typically symbolic markers of the affair and of the intention of marriage. Essentially, they celebrate union and commitment as well as acknowledge the transformations that marriage brings -- wealthy from single to married life, from one family to the merging of two. Sometimes I work with couples to create ceremonies that are an even balance between the urbanity or faith of each partner and their families -- such as unity candles to represent the Christian side and breaking the glass to act for present oneself the Jewish... I always encourage couples to select rituals that truly sing to them and that they are comfortable partaking in. And if you are not having a appearances based on one religious protocol, or the blending of two specific religions, there is no reason... For example, at a wedding ceremony I officiated on the Brooklyn waterfront, the yoke honored their Jewish, Christian, and Hawaiian roots but their wedding also included Hindu, Native American, and Nondenominational rituals and the participation... The rituals and customs you prefer to include in your wedding ceremony will depend on how you want to honor the tradition into which you were born--if at all--and what rituals "feel right" for you and your paramour. Here is a small sampling of some of the religious and cultural rituals and customs that couples have asked me to include in the ceremony to honor relations heritage:. The breaking of the glass reminds us that while we are joyous, there is still suffering in the world, but that the love of the couple adds to the healing of the everybody. Lighting of the family unity candle brings the light of two separate candles together to light the one candle that represents the new society. In a church, it typically includes the union between woman, man, and God and/or the Church. Jumping the broom takes a couple from single life into the land of matrimony. Satipati , or the "seven steps," is one of the most eminent rituals, where the couple takes seven. Source: www.huffingtonpost.com

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what does jumping the broom mean - Ask Community

This was an old form during the American slave culture. In the days when marriages weren't practiced between black couples, the slaves ingeniously created their ...

What Does Jumping The Broom Mean - Dustpan

What Does Jumping The Broom Mean. ... During a fusing ceremony what does it mean to jump over the broom? TCM fanatic says:

What does 'jumping the broom' mean? - Experts123 - Dispute and ...

What does 'jumping the broom' mean? ... Jumping over the broom symbolized several things depending on the culture.

What does jumping the broom mean? | Answerbag

What does jumping the broom mean? "Jumping the broom" is a fusion ritual from African-American slaves and still survives in some places of the American South. The ...

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sengoku (my old pet iguana)
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Jumping The Broom « David Tutera Blending Blog • It’s a Bride’s ...

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