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General Filters 2W13W-X36-A6D2 Solenoid Valve SHIPS Uncage!
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General Filters 2W13W-X36-A6D2 Solenoid Valve SHIPS Uncage!

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General Disbursement Type Power Humidifier Plenum Mounted - 1042L
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General Disbursement Type Power Humidifier Plenum Mounted - 1042L

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Product Description
This is a custom sized filter. As a result, these filters may not be returned for refund or credit. All custom size air filters are built to tolerances of + or - 1/8. This custom sized filter will ship within 2 business days. - Fits GeneralAire power humidifier (drain type) models SL-16 series, 709 series, 990 series, 1040 series, 1042 series, and 1137 series. - Measures approximately 9-3/4 x 12-1/4 x 1-1/2. - Aluminum evaporator material is enclosed in heavy wire frame and channeling and has a super absorbent coating for maximum water distribution and increased humidity output. Excess coating may shake off before first use. - Coated with a non-soluble wetting agent to increase humidifier efficiency. - For optimum performance, replace filter twice a season.
Generalaire Humidifier Duty # 990-13 for Models1042, 1040, 1137, 709, 990, SL16 Case of 2

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Generalaire Humidifier Duty # 990-13 for Models1042, 1040, 1137, 709, 990, SL16 Case of 2 by Generalaire

  • This Humidifier Pad comes with a Metal Frame Casing.
  • Case of 2
  • Manufactured In North America

Product Description
 GeneralAir 990-13 Humidifier Vapor Pad.2 PACK.Replacement for Whole-House Elite Humidifier Models: 709, 990, 1040, 1042, 1137 and SL16.Features:Metal pad coated with clay for optimal water absorptionMetal Frame12 H x 9-3/4 W x 1-1/2 D in inchesReplace once per year for maximum performance of your humidifierIdeal humidity level is between 40-60%Instructions included

ServiceOne - General Maintence of Your Humidifier

http://serviceoneomaha.blogspot.com/2011/01/general-maintence-of-your-humidifier.html -- Intuition the general maintenance of your humidifier is essentia...

  • mcompeau881@sbcglobal.net

    We have thin out on windowsills in winter. What to do to eliminate water.?

    We have a General Power Humidifier and humidistat on our furnance. As of now we have our humidistat on 15. I be informed we have too much humidity, but I don't know how to set the humidistat on a higher amount and not get the water on our sills. Are...

    OK. You have to change some choices. You have the humidifier because you want your air to be more moist (less dry) so it is comforatble to breathe, and also so that wood things (furniture, etc.) in...

  • Lunarsight

    How do I get my humidifier to block making a racket? Any ideas?

    I have one of those roundabout-shaped humidifiers - the one where you fill the water from the top, and the motor and spinning mechanism are all located in the piece you remove to fill the water. It makes a horrid to-do at night. It tends to...

    Try operating it at a slash setting. Also dont set it on a floor or dresser. Place it on a folded towel somewhere away from you. As long as its in the general are it will benifit you just the same.

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Old, Moldy Humidifier Plates
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General 1042 Humidifier Parts

General 1042 Humidifier Parts

General 1040 Humidifier Drive Style Parts

General 1040 Humidifier Drive Style Parts

General 1040 Humidifier Parts

General 1040 Humidifier Parts