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Ritz Royale Aggregation 100% Cotton Terry Cloth Pot Holder Set, Kitchen Hot Pad, 2-Pack, Mocha Brown

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Ritz Royale Aggregation 100% Cotton Terry Cloth Pot Holder Set, Kitchen Hot Pad, 2-Pack, Mocha Brown by Ritz

  • VERSATILE. Use like pocket oven mitts when holding hot-dishes, then...
  • DONT GET BURNED by flimsy and inferior potholders. RITZ has the...
  • COLOR OPTIONS - Coordinates with Ritz Royale Collection: includes...

Product Description
Product Description
This Ritz Royale 2-piece basic pot holder set in Mocha Brown is a great value set for your kitchen. Made from 100-percent terry looped cotton, the large size pot holder provides great heat protection. Each Ritz pot holder measures 8.5-inch long by 8.25-inch wide. Coordinate with the Ritz Royale collection, comprised of aprons, kitchen towels, dishcloths, checked kitchen towels, wonder towels, pot holders, Ritz Mitz, pocket mitts and cotton/neoprene oven mitts. Machine wash in cold water and tumble dry low.

  • 2 100 percent cotton potholders.
  • Machine Wash on cold; tumble dry low
  • Measures 8.5 x 8.25 inches.
  • 8 Different Color options to fit any kitchen style.
Why Ritz?
Established in 1892, the John Ritzenthaler company (Ritz) has long been synonymous with the finest quality in home textiles. Today, the John Ritzenthaler company is a privately owned manufacturer, wholesaler and distributor of a complete line of high quality, color coordinated, fashion basic and designer bath and kitchen textiles, as well as, specialty laundry and cleaning aids. As a leader in the home textiles category we are experienced in working on Ritz initiated design concepts, licensed designs and also with interpreting customer requests into new products. Our marketing and design teams work closely together to identify product opportunities within the marketplace to help create the right product mix for our customers.

Table Top Ironing Board

http://www.tabletopironingboard.org/ Purely because ironing your clothes isn't as hard as it seems particularly when you have the right tools and gadgets to ...

  • Corinne B

    I'm looking for an ironing board for quilters, any suggestions?

    I like to quilt. I've heard of an ironing board that is a big garden apartment surface that goes on a table top and it has grid lines on it so that when you iron the quilt squares you can see if they're square. Do you know about that? Where can if find it?

    coerce one,I did. I used 1/2 thick plywood ,cut it to 2 1/2 ft x 5 ft and screwed it to top of ironing board then covered it,took me about 20 min. to do

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