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Laundry Patent Prints

John McLaughlin invented his laundry wringer on September 20, 1870.
A clothes wringer removes water from clothes and towels.

Franklin Bickel invented his washing machine on April 26, 1887.
This machine is described as a pounder washing-machine, meaning the pounders automatically operate in connection with a revolving tub.

On July 4, 1893 Gustave Carlson invented the splint laundry basket.
He designed his laundry basket by first interweaving the splints together in two parts or sections, so as to form a diamond shaped figure of them, the two sections being brought together so as to form the sides of the basket.

George Lutomski invented the washboard on March 27, 1894.
The object of these improvements is to provide a wash-board that allows the water to flow through it. The exposed edges are rounded so clothes will not tear.

William Butler Simpson invented the sad iron on November 10. 1908.
He created a simple, strong and durable iron with detachable handles. The handle is meant to be easily and quickly applied to and removed from the body of the sad iron.

On March 2, 1926 Frank Lavendier invented his version of the ironing board.
He created a board that was extremely light yet strong.


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Why Is The Ironing Board Still Out?!

Housekeeper Jesus gets stressed out.

  • S C

    How can I go bankrupt the unfolded metal ironing board?

    I found this unfolded metal ironing board, but can't acknowledge out how to fold it. There is a metal rod, but I can't make it move. Please help!

    there should be a "tackle" shaped part to that rod at the center underside edge of the board. you have your thumb on the board & reach your fingers under & push up on the handle

  • Lena

    how can I take over from an ironing board cover, the ironingng board measures 15 x 35?

    I have an ironing board that measures 15 x 35. I necessitate to replace the cover on the ironing board, but can't find any size close to these measurements. I do not want to sew one, can you tell me where or how to get a new cover that will fit this...

    Buy about 3/4 yard of 45" encyclopedic muslin, linen or duck, some safety pins, and a package of 1/4" elastic. Place the fabric over the ironing board, and start pinning the heart to shape on the...

Dibs on parking spaces after snow is the Chicago Way - Chicago Tribune

Most Americans get the improper idea about Chicago, but that's not Chicago's fault. Instead, the fault belongs to the national Sunday TV talk shows, where pundits decamp a great fuss of smooching powerful political behinds. And when Chicago Democratic political behinds are featured on those programs, chances are that those behinds be attached to the president from Chicago or the mayor of Chicago. Naturally, as with such powerful behinds, there is much unctuous smooching and fawning. But if you want to interpret a little of the city, all you have to do is go out into the neighborhoods after a deep snowfall. And there you can catch a glimpse of Chicago's subversive libertarian heart. You might not have faith you're seeing expression of libertarian views, since this is the city of the Democratic machine, where cemeteries came alive on Election Day. If the borough had a true symbol, it would be a big wrought-iron government fist, so fearsome that all those who approach would remove their caps, kneel and cause their foreheads upon the ground. A streak that says: Take your clout and your rules and that smirking nephew you're making alderman and mug it all where the sunlight isn't available. And it only shows itself on rare occasions: after a heavy snow, on those forgotten, last-to-be-plowed side streets, where people have shoveled out their own parking spaces and claimed the fruit of their own labors. Or a sawhorse, or tap crates, a broken ironing board or other junk from the basement, like the plastic chairs, the rug you hope someone will steal, broken speakers, plywood and so on. You make what you're looking at. You're looking at Dibs. And woe be to those who would mess with dibs markers. Many hate the Dibs markers and hate what Dibs stands for. They don't stand in want individuals claiming Dibs. And some don't like me for my support of Dibs. And I am Judge Dibs. Yes, I'm sure there must be some pretenders out there jumping on the Dibs bandwagon. But the federal courts have already decreed that I am Arbitrate Dibs. It was written in an opinion by U. S. District Court Judge Edmond Chang in Oscar Flores v. the City of Chicago, a dibs-tied up case involving the police. Why did Judge Chang cite the fact that I'm Judge Dibs. Because I am Judge Dibs, that's why. Years ago, the huge libertarian legal theorist and University of Chicago professor Richard A. Epstein announced the truth: Dibs as a combination was preferable to any other because it works. Of course it works," Epstein told me. "Dibs is spontaneous, with little clout associated with it. … Dibs gets the snow dug straight away and efficiently. It works because people respect it. They don't abuse the system. Once the snow turns to slush, dibs ends, by plebeian understanding. Another common understanding is that in a few weeks, Chicago will have an election for mayor and aldermen, and nobody is dumb enough to issue Dibs tickets. In off years, there's talk about thwacking the Dibsians, but not during choice years. It would just aggravate people, and they'd take it out on the elected officials. "No, the city does not issue tickets for parking spot dibs," said Molly Poppe, spokeswoman for the Activity be contingent of Streets and Sanitation. "During any snow storm, Streets and Sanitation is 100 percent focused on. Source: www.chicagotribune.com

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    Law360, New York (July 23, 2013, 1:39 PM ET) -- The European Combining said Tuesday it has extended anti-dumping duties on ironing boards being imported from China and lifted similar measures on Ukrainian imports, saying Chinese exporters were likely 

  • Ironing Board Sam

    07/16/13 ,via The Independent Weekly

    Ultimately month, documentarian Tom Ciaburri raised more than $10,000 in a Kickstarter campaign to produce Sam's Tenth, a biopic focused on the flawed-chance career of the septuagenarian bluesman . Ciaburri will have plenty of material to 


RT @Nihya_: LMFAO why was she licking the ironing boardLargely 08/07/13, @NoFeelings_xo
LMFAO why was she licking the ironing boardPre-eminently 08/07/13, @Nihya_


  • The Ironing Board

    Ayer Company Pub. 1968. ISBN: 0836907183,9780836907186. 255 pages.

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    12:30pm: The value of trust card purchases has fallen to its lowest level since March, as Australian consumers continue to prioritise paring down their indebted over an increase in spending. Credit card purchases totalled $20.3 billion for June, down from $22 ...

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Today I Highbrow How To Iron 12/365
I have always known I am attractive crap at ironing, in fact it has become a bit of a joke that Andy can't tell which of his shirts I have ironed and which I haven't! I always just thought that the fact the creases were...
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Board (Compliant Board) Ironing Board by Mohsen Jafari Malek » Yanko ...

Board (Compliant Board) Ironing Board by Mohsen Jafari Malek » Yanko ...

... ironing my slacks, I realized a horrifying really: I was ironing

... ironing my slacks, I realized a horrifying really: I was ironing

Critically, why don’t you just buy a small ironing board and slide it ...

Critically, why don’t you just buy a small ironing board and slide it ...