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Ebac DD900 220V Industrial Desiccant Dehumidifier

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This is an open-box, but never used Ebac DD900 220V dehumidifier. We are an authorized online retailer for Ebac products and this dehumidifier was returned to us with the customer stating that the fan was bent and that the controls looked jostled during shipping. It may or may not need minor repairs to be fully operational. The current retail price for this dehumidifier is over $8,000 so still a bargain with any repairs that need to be made. Please reach out with any questions or concerns.

Rugged and reliable, the Ebac DD900 Desiccant Dehumidifier provides extreme moisture removal in a space-saving package. This model is part of the Ebac DD Series of industrial desiccant dehumidifiers. It's most ideal for lowering humidity in industrial areas to prevent mold growth, corrosion, and damaging condensation. Like other desiccant dehumidifiers, the DD900 performs exceptionally well in cooler temperatures or when a low dew point, deep drying, or low humidity levels are necessary in the treatment space. This unit is rated to remove a maximum of 364 pints of moisture per day in AHAM conditions. Plus, it has a wide operating temperature range of -4 degrees F to a super-heated 104 degrees F.

How Industrial Desiccant Dehumidifiers Work

Industrial desiccant dehumidifiers are different than conventional refrigerant dehumidifiers in that they dehumidify through adsorption instead of condensation. During operation, air is drawn into the dehumidifier where it passes over a wheel impregnated with silica gel. As air passes over this wheel, any moisture that is present in the air is absorbed into the silica gel wheel before leaving the dehumidifier as warm, dry air.

This silica gel wheel continuously and slowly rotates at 3 revolutions per hour. As the wheel rotates and circulates air, a small portion of air passes through the regeneration segment. "Regeneration" air is heated to a high temperature before passing over the wheel. Any moisture present in the wheel is then released into this air stream, and the hot wet air is then exhausted outside the area being dried. Overtime, this continuous circulation gradually reduces the relative humidity of a room.

High-Capacity Moisture Removal

Running in the high extraction setting, the Ebac DD900 Dehumidifier removes up to 364 pints of damaging moisture per day in AHAM testing conditions of 80 degrees F, 60% relative humidity. In these conditions, the deep drying setting yields 323 pints per day and the high efficiency setting extracts 286 pints of moisture per day. Keep in mind that the overall moisture removal rate depends on the temperature and relative humidity in the area where the dehumidifier is being used. The higher the temperature and relative humidity, the more pints of moisture removed. And remarkably, this unit continues removing moisture in low humidity and low temperature conditions unlike a conventional refrigerant dehumidifier.

Built Tough and for High Performance

The Ebac DD900 incorporates a PTC heater to ensure that maximum drying is immediately reached and constantly maintained while the unit is running. The housing is made from high-grade stainless steel, producing a rust-free product when used in the most severe of applications. The spigot connectors allow for quick and easy installation. Plus, this model incorporates a high-efficiency patented PPS rotor. All desiccant rotors supplied by Ebac are washable and designed for high performance and long life.

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