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Camco Superfluous Large Heavy Duty Collapsible Container- Perfect As an Outdoor Trash Can, Gardening Bag, or Reusable Yard Waste Bag, Holds 39 Gallons - (42895)

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Camco Superfluous Large Heavy Duty Collapsible Container- Perfect As an Outdoor Trash Can, Gardening Bag, or Reusable Yard Waste Bag, Holds 39 Gallons - (42895) by Camco

  • Great as an outdoor trash can or yard waste container
  • Has an extra handle at the bottom for easy lifting
  • Measures 22" x 28" and collapses down to 2-1/2" for storage

Product Description
Camco's RV XL Collapsible Container is a great item for using outdoors as a trash can or yard waste container. It measures 22" by 28" and collapses down to 2-1/2" for storage. It fits 39 gallon trash bags. The container has an extra handle at the bottom for easy lifting, padded handles and durable liner and includes toggles for a secure close.
Fiskars 94056949 Kangaroo Collapsible Container, 30gal, 30 Gallon Unripe


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Fiskars 94056949 Kangaroo Collapsible Container, 30gal, 30 Gallon Unripe by Fiskars

  • Ideal for collecting weeds, grass clippings, other types of yard...
  • Folds to 3 inch for space-saving storage
  • Dimensions: 1.25Lenght x 22.8Width x 23.75Hight

Product Description
Whether you’re cleaning up pulled weeds or grass clippings, picking up toys or gathering laundry from your clothesline, Fiskars Kangaroo Gardening Container makes it easy. An innovative design folds to 3 inches for space-saving storage, and an internal spring pops it up when you’re ready to use it. Sturdy handles make carrying and unloading Fiskars Kangaroo Gardening Container easy, and a durable, tear- and mildew-resistant design provides lasting value
Perfect for pruning or weeding jobs, the Fiskars Kangaroo 30-gallon gardening container holds itself open, freeing your hands for work. The Kangaroo's unique spring design springs up to a 22-inch diameter, 30-gallon capacity, just waiting to be filled with weeds, pruned branches, or raked leaves. When you're done, the container can be collapsed and stored easily in a compact, ready-to-hang 3-inch stack. The heavy-gauge vinyl construction is tear and mildew resistant, and the Kangaroo fits standard 30-gallon garbage can liners. The container weighs just 4-1/2 pounds. This item does not come with hard plastic bottom.

SuntekStore: Collapsible Bunk Garbage Container Can Bag Holder

SuntekStore: Collapsible Trifles Garbage Container Can Bag Holder.

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