MisC Do Steam Cleaners Work On Toilets

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Nugeni Steampac+ Small Handheld Steamer with Extend Reach
Nugeni Steampac+ Small Handheld Steamer with Extend Reach by Nugeni

  • Large water tank capacity allows for up to 39 minutes of continuous...
  • Patented high efficiency boiler quickly delivers super-heated...
  • Safer for kids and pets, Nugeni's STEAMPAC+, using only standard...

Product Description
With Nugeni’s portable Handheld Steamer, experience the revolutionary power of steam! Easily clean, deodorize, and sanitize your home with the Nugeni STEAMPAC+. Safer for kids and pets, Nugeni's innovative cleaning system, using only standard tap water, is scientifically proven to eliminate 99.9% of germs, bacteria, mold, mildew, and even bed bugs - without the use of harsh chemicals. The patented high efficiency boiler quickly delivers super-heated steam, eliminating waiting times, while the adjustable steam output gives you complete steam control. The handheld steamer is perfect cleaning for countertops, backsplashes, kitchen appliances, stained carpet spots, freshening fabrics, strollers, sanitizing toys and mattresses, unclogging drains, cleaning grills, sinks, toilets, showers, grout, windows, mirrors, and much more. The system includes a wide range of steam cleaning accessories, including a shoulder strap and unique steam extension hose with rotating handle for the ultimate in convenience and versatility. Let the STEAMPAC+ do the heavy work, even in the dirtiest and hardest to reach places.
Pyle PSTMH10 Flawless Clean Handheld Steamer Birdie Multipurpose Cleaner for Steam Sanitizing, Deodorizing and Disinfecting
Pyle PSTMH10 Flawless Clean Handheld Steamer Birdie Multipurpose Cleaner for Steam Sanitizing, Deodorizing and Disinfecting by Pyle

  • Lightweight, Portable and Easy to Use; Comes with (9) Piece...
  • Deodorizes and Sanitizes While you Clean; Simple Operation...
  • Quickly Disinfects; Removes Dirt & Grime; Uses Tap Water; No...

Product Description
Use the active power of super-heated steam to achieve a new level clean. The Pyle Pure Clean Handheld Steamer will help you achieve a Natural and Chemical-Free clean that makes your home healthier and safer for children and pets. Let the steam do the work and save yourself from the strain and discomfort of scrubbing and wiping. With a single pull of the trigger, the steam mop produces high-heat water vapors that eliminate harmful germs, bacteria, dirt and grime. Just add water, plug it in and you're ready to clean - no harsh chemicals or cleaning solutions required. Deodorize and Sanitize your home, car or boat for a Natural Clean with the Pure Clean Handheld Steamer.

How to Steam Pure Hospital Bathroom Toilets in 4 minutes

http://www.duplexcleaning.com.au/jetsteam-pro.html Using Duplex Jetsteam Pro steam cleaner, you can steam antiseptic and disinfect hospital bathroom toilets in ju...

  • art_flood

    Pocket Steam Cleaners - do they really work well?

    I have seen these carry-on steam cleaners on QVC and the Home Shopping Channel advertised and I'm just skeptical as to whether they would work and how long the machine would last. Anybody have any feedback on these things? thanks

    I light of one's life mine. I use it to spritz or spray-clean mirror, my shower: walls, floors and doors. Also use it to clean toilets: porcelain, seat & hinges, get of bowl that is not under water and the...

  • zei.zei

    what accurately are steam vacuum cleaners?

    im just very curious about it and whats the difference with the conventional vacuum cleaner?is it worth buying? but is there anything needed to put in it..or it just uses water?

    Steam cleaners are degree misnamed. Even though some of the heat the water themselves, it's not really steam. The machine sprays a fine mist of cleaning solution or clean water into the carpet...

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    The unexceptional vacuum cleaner's suction and rotating-beater brush do not usually reach the bottom of the carpet, and that range is a haven for bacteria—about 200,000 per square inch. Most carpet manufacturers say the best way to deep unmixed is to use steam


  • Immature Your Home All in One For Dummies

    John Wiley & Sons. 2009. ISBN: 0470464038,9780470464038. 696 pages.

    Rural Your Home All-in-One For Dummies empowers readers to make ecologically-friendly improvements to each and every area of their home. At $29.99 and 696 pages, this parcel is a real value and a true source book for readers looking for a substantial breadth of information and solutions yet unwilling to invest in four, five, or six books on the not on target range of content that they seek.

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    BRADENTON, Fla., Parade 6, 2009 -- A New Jersey man whose company guarantees that its hydrogen-injection kits for cars and trucks will produce mileage gains of 50% or more has won a key present of his battle with the Federal Trade Commission after a Federal ...

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    A Troublemaker of unemployed people have been labouring under their own steam to help make Steamfest at Sheffield a better event. The group has been working together as division of a reskilling program run by Youth and Family Focus (YAFF) and its latest project is ...

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